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Our goal and core values in a cooperation, is to seek win-win solutions. Based upon a strong logistic foundation and a drive to win and create value for our partners and end-consumers.

A convenient convenience supplier

Read more about how we can help your business and stores to grow utilizing our large assortment and flexible logistic setup.


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Export of Grøn Balance to Poland

Our specialty is utilizing our brands and logistic setup to bring you our high quality products at the lowest possible cost.

Click the link to read more on how we enabled a polish customer do exactly that.

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When security of supply is critical – we can deliver!

We take great pride in securing food and essential products to our north atlantic customers.

Click the link to read an example of how we help secure the food supply to Icelandic supermarked chain Kronan.

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Providing a strong foundation for local retail growth

Click the link to read how we enable our local customer Løvbjerg a strong foundation for local growth.

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