Plug & play PL concepts with full coverage

A wide range of 16 strong private brands & labels – with more than 3,000 SKUs
Our unique and innovative products often win consumer tests rated on taste, design and quality.

Here we present the four main brands.


Grøn Balance is the natural choice for you who want to consume organic food, protect the environment, and avoid problematic chemicals in your household and personal care products.


Grøn Balance has high standards regarding packaging, raw materials, and the absence of unwanted chemicals. Therefore, all Grøn Balance products are labeled with one or more certifications.


Grøn Balance is constantly improving the packaging. The products are packaged in as much recycled plastic as possible. Many of the products are already in recycled packaging, but even more will be – it is one of Grøn Balances contributions to more responsible consumption.


Learn more about Grøn Balance here.


First Price is simply great groceries – food and nonfood – for you who want to make the most of your money and your day.


The choice is simple, because the price is as low as it gets, and the selection covers most things. This means that you and your family can fill both the shopping cart and everyday life with exactly what matters most to you; because you always get more for less.


Gestus is a large range of tasty foods – both affordable and of good quality comparable to A-brands.


Every day of the week should taste of something, whether it’s a regular Monday or a festive Friday.


Gestus with good quality taste experiences can do this – also on an everyday budget.


With OMHU foods you get irresistible products that are chosen based on the desire to spread true food joy.


OMHU is more weekend than weekday – here is extra attention for details. The OMHU range consists of delicious fresh products, delicacies and a large selection of fruits and vegetables.