Plug & play PL concepts with full coverage

A wide range of 16 strong private brands & labels – with more than 3,000 SKUs
Our unique and innovative products often win consumer tests rated on taste, design and quality.


GRØN BALANCE (organic)

Grøn Balance is a series of ”clean” products of high quality, developed with care for the consumers and the world around them.


The Grøn Balance food products are guaranteed organic, and both food and nonfood products live up to the highest standards regarding quality and product safety.


Grøn Balance offers several product concepts within the brand, Baby&Kids, Cleaning, Fresh Fruit & Greens.


”More of what you like – less of what you want to avoid”

FIRST PRICE (Discount)

First Price is one of our oldest private label brands, covering the low-end position of the market across most categories – both food and non-food.

In 2020, First Price is undergoing a design updated – new design, same good price and quality.

”Good quality at the lowest price”

GESTUS (Mainstream)

Gestus is a series of tasteful food products of high quality, which accommodates the daily needs of any consumer.


Gestus provides top value for money regarding quality, design and taste experiences.


Gestus products are the better alternative to A-brands, and providing higher margins to our customers.

OMHU (Premium)

OMHU is our premium private label brand.


All products are carefully selected and produced with the utmost care to every aspect regarding flavours, quality and food safety.


Handpicked from the best of best suppliers using only the best raw materials and ingredients.


”Extraordinary delicious products – changing consumers perception of what premium quality really is”