Leading Danish wholesaler and international private label supplier

Our goal and core values in a cooperation, is to seek win-win solutions – based upon a strong logistic foundation and a drive to win and create value for our partners and end-consumers.

Dagrofa has an ambition to be a skilled, dynamic, and value-creating partner for our export customers – offering tailormade logistic solutions and plug and play PL concepts, based on an excellent market expertise and development.

Dagrofa Logistik

Dagrofa is one of the leading Danish retail companies and full service solution provider of Private Label concepts for export markets. We offer plug and play PL concepts with full tier coverage – Discount, Mainstream and Premium, well as various areas such as Organic, Baby&Kids, Non-Food and Free-from.


A combination of plug and play product ranges and a flexible and low cost logistical set-up, is providing increased competitiveness for customers and unique possibilities for consolidation across many product categories and temperatures.


Dagrofa’s history dates back to the 1767 founding of the grocery wholesaler A/S Sophus Nielsen in Svendborg. Established in 1978 under the name Dagros with a name change to Dagrofa in 1983.


The Dagrofa Group has an annual revenue of approx. DKK 2.5 billion (2021)


Dagrofa deliver into app. 600 stores (both concept stores and independent supermarkets) – app. 60 store are owned by Dagrofa.

The Group has approx. 14,500 dedicated employees (employees in all stores included)

The Group’s head office is located in Ringsted, Denmark with offices and terminals in Vejle, Herning and Ringsted


The Group has a three-legged business:
– Retail, Logistics and Food service

High quality and the widest range of products

Dagrofa Logistik is your best partner for importing every type of product used in households today. Our range spans from local organic producers to the large international brands. Exceptional product quality and design, combined with some of the most exacting standards for food safety and quality control in the world, put Dagrofa’s products in high demand worldwide.